JUNE, 2018


  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Problem
  3. Our Solution
  4. Target Markets
  5. Competitions
  6. Market Presence and Position
  7. Industry Description
  8. Market Capitalization
  9. Core Application
  10. Business Model
  11. Sales and Marketing
  12. Exchange Model
  13. Exchange users
  14. Private User Interface
  15. Business User Interface


This is a preliminary business plan of Balkanium, the plan starts with the year
2018, and is intentionally formatted as a Pitch Deck due to the infant stage of the
project’s business planning. The extensive business plan will be elaborated when
a more mature stage of the company’s product development, a Crypto One Stop
Solution (Balkanium), is reached. Balkanium represents a multifunctional platform
for cryptocurrency users at
Although Bitcoin was launched as early as 2009 presenting the first use-case of
the Blockchain Technology, the position of both the Cryptocurrencies and the
Blockchain in the financial market is uncertain, and has yet to reach the masses
around the world. This is so due to several reasons, however, one of the main
reasons is the versatility of the development opportunities. The cryptocurrencyand
blockchain-related products and services are launched to target individuals
that already have, or are very interested in acquiring the advanced technical
knowledge about the above-mentioned technologies.
For the novice or entry-level consumer, the cryptocurrency world can seem too
technical and too complicated, and in addition finding information about it can
be quite a challenge for the “non-technical” person. As a result, the entire market
of opportunities is available mainly to the “Cryptocurrency Community”.
Balkanium is a Balkan wide cryptocurrency that will result in retail and everyday
use in all Balkan countries and region.
The aim of Balkanium is to revolutionize the payment model in the Balkan region
by initiating changes within the Balkan population market so that a wide range
of non-technical customers could take advantage of the various opportunities
that the cryptocurrency and the Blockchain industries have to offer.


The notion of cryptocurrencies is relatively new, whereas the market represented by crypto is limited to a relatively
small community of people who have specific interest in this technology. The number of cryptocurrency-related services
offered on the market today is vast, but for the entry-level user navigating within this diversity is very difficult:
e.g. defining the high quality services from the low, figuring out how they work, and how to take advantage of the
opportunities that the cryptocurrency innovation presents. We believe that all of the above-mentioned result the
greatest challenges for the cryptocurrency business growth.


We aim to bring the cryptocurrency and the blockchain products and services to the Balkanium region by providing
an easy-to-use one-stop-solution suitable for individuals and businesses, regardless of their experience level


• The average consumers:………………….No limits,
• Merchants: ……………………………………Physical Retailers and e-Commerce, any size, any category
• Blockchain developers:……………………Established Products or Services contributing to Balkanium
• Start-ups:………………………………………Blockchain/Cryptocurrency systems
• Cryptocurrency traders:…………………. Age: 18-54, Gender: Males (90%), Females (10%)(Today Male: 97%/Female: 3%)


The individual products and services on Balkanium have various competitors,
however the platform itself occupies a unique position in the market in many
respects, which gives us confidence in its abilities to become a global market
leader of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industries.


There are more than 800 cryptocurrencies on the market and hundreds of exchange websites and services there is
hardly any coin that does not suffer from any adoption or usability issues, or an exchange convenient enough for frequent
everyday use.
With an obvious unoccupied lacuna in the market of cryptocurrency services up until now there isn’t a competitive
and wholesome provider for the Balkan region needs. Thus, Balkanium has taken a vacant and an extremely advantageous
position in the market by combining the cryptocurrency-related services on a single platform that can be
accessed with a single account..


The cryptocurrency industry has given birth to an entirely new market, or a set of technology-driven markets, which
have the potential to disrupt the existing strategies, approaches and the conventional business practices. Like many
others, the industry faces a number of obstacles slowing down the natural dissemination of digital currencies among
the non-technical users, with the main challenge residing in the absence of a one-stop-solution capable of combining
the existing services into a single user-friendly ‘ecosystem’.
In 2008 Bitcoin was introduced for the first time by Satoshi Nakamoto. Soon after, it became the first world-known
decentralized cryptocurrency, introducing lots of new solutions to the existing electronic payment systems. Thanks to bitcoin large banks, corporations and governments started recognizing the great technological value of cryptocurrencies:
the decentralized peer-to-peer public ledgers, the blockchain, the new ways to approach security and
anonymity, which have spread to a great variety of fields. The fact that cryptocurrencies are censorship-resistant and
almost impossible to shutdown by a centralized institution or entity has increased the amount of trust people have
in this technology.
The design model of cryptocurrencies has made traditional financial institutions obsolete by bringing new capabilities
to individuals and organizations adopting them, such as:
• Facilitation of monetary and legal transactions without the third parties;
• Transfer of money in a more secure or completely anonymous way, which protects users’ personal data;
• Access to banking and the global financial system with any device connected to the Internet, improving the
quality of users’ lives;
• Avoidance of substantial transaction fees, such as those charged by credit card companies and centralized
payment processors;
• Reduction of inflation risk and the risk of speculations on the price of a cryptocurrency.
In terms of their impact on banking, cryptocurrencies have generated a technological revolution similar to those the
Internet and the email technologies once brought about, thanks to the blockchain. Bitcoin was the first use case of
the blockchain, but it had not received much attention up until 2014, when the technology undergone a tremendous
re-evaluation and became one of the most widely-discussed topics in the Fintech, the IT worlds and further.

Market Capitalization

The most common criteria to analyze the cryptocurrency market size is via market capitalization rankings, however,
when the market is not backed up by any fiat currency as most cryptocurrencies are, and its value is prone to volatility,
analyzing it may not be easy.
The financial system as such is very volatile and prone to hyperinflation, which undermines the trust of the people in
it. This is the main reason for a tremendous rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies within a relatively short period
of time, and the growth of the cryptocurrency market in general. The best illustration for this are the cryptocurrency
market cap rankings displaying the total market value of a cryptocurrency in dollars at a specific timestamp derived
from the daily average market price, the volume of transactions and the cost of all cryptocurrency tokens in circulation.
As of today (May 25, 2017) the market cap of Bitcoin is over $42 billion, of Ethereum – over $17 billion, whereas the
joint market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined is over $87 billion, according to Let’s not
forget that Bitcoin, invented in 2008, had almost no real value up until 2014



Balkanium coin is based on some GPU algorithm with primary aim to be used as a payment tool to be able to buy
coffee or anything in a shop. Balkanium has been designed with inherent flexibility to enable integration of any features,
either self-developed or external to the core system of the platform. Ready-made products or just ideas
addressing the needs of the cryptocurrency or the blockchain community as well as companies, startups and businesses
looking for ways to monetize their services are welcomed to collaborate with Balkanium by plugging-in onto
the Balkanium ecosystem.



Can be used to buy and goods and products from any shop or pay for any services.
Balkanium will definitely be stable with no change of price for the first year.


Balkanium supports payment with NFC and QR Code.


Transactions carried out on the platform are very fast and hassle free.



The Balkan region is a small one and it has too many currencies in the region because every country in the
region has its own unique currency. A tourist who visits the Balkan region necessarily visits at least two countries
and it is very necessary for the tourist to exchange his or her amount with local currency and it becomes very
stressful for to do so. Even local are constantly travelling between the countries for shopping, business or for
family visits.
In most of the Balkan countries people cross the borders using simple ID document and this makes life complicated
for people during travel. People in this region usually prefer to use cash payment, so they always have to
visit the local exchange office biro.
The Balkanium business model implies combining the top-of-the-line products and services with an incentive-based
marketing model to make peoples life easier by this we would want achieve a common currency
value in the Balkan region,
Below are charts representing the Balkan countries GDP per capita and population.

Balkan Countries GDP per Capita

Balkan Countries Population

Main Revenue Streams

1. POS: Payment Gateway and POS;
2. EAS: Enrolment and subscription
3. IMP: Implementation of the Payment Gateway/POS


All products and services are sold through Balkanium, offering payments both in a broad selection of cryptocurrencies,
and in FIAT*.


At Balkanium, we are convinced that the most effective marketing strategy for the type services we offer, in an
extremely fast evolving technology-driven market is:
1. A one-tier Merchant Agent Program
2. Digital Media (News web-sites, Blogs, etc.)
3. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)


The Balkanium Exchange Model consist of no ICO module but an exchange
module where people will be able to buy coins all the time. Since their is no
ICO module, timing and promotion has no effect on the system. All the coin
stocks will be pre mined and GPU equipments will be used to confirm transactions,
similarly to POS coin which is better than coding.
As an incentive, we will have discounts with many brands for paying with Balkanium.
A business registration panel will be created on the exchange where
businesses will be able to exchange bops for fiat and generate invoice that will
be used by us to pay them in fiat currency, something like next level of grouper.
Shops takes payments with Balkanium as coupon payment and then
sends the amount spent as invoice and we send the fiat money to their corporate
Balkanium will definitely be stable with no change of price for the first year. An
API will be created that accepts Swiss Franc as it fiat currency because of its


The Balkanium exchange user Interface is classified in two, which are:
1. Private user interface
2. Business user interface


The following are the features of the Private user interface:
1. Will be able to have 2 wallets trading and saving and doesn’t hold private keys.
2. Will be able to exchange fiat to crypto and fiat to fiat.
3. Will be able to open account only with a month subscription on the value of 10 frank per month
4. No fees for any exchange.
5. No entrance fee or exit fee
6. Zero transaction fee.


The following are the features of the Business user interface:
1. Listing and trading with no holding of responsibility.
2. Enrolment fee 250 frank per month payable 1 year in advance.

Our Team


Helen McDonald

CEO Google

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Chris DeRosa

CEO Microsoft

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Alan Poe

CEO Tesla Motors

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